…The One With The Toys

The Toys

…The One With The Toys

Talking to the audience after the performance of “The Dream Thief” it became very obvious who their favourite character was. To be honest, it became clear DURING the performance, especially with young early primary audiences. It must have been quite – ‘disturbing’ – for other cast to be quite so comprehensively ignored whenever Button took to the stage. Poor Gabby [Huser]. All she was doing was a great performance, but it got kind of embarrassing.

Anyway, there was evident desire, if not need, for the further adventured of Button.

How that would work, without it being a lame sequel, was a considerable obstacle. I decided that Button needed to be the villain in the next story and that ALL the familiar toys be there too. That was pretty much the end of me making decisions. Of any kind,

Holly Robin said she wanted to write it and eventually she did. Ms Aldous went away on baby leave, so Matt Ralph pretty much had to do all of the production tasks. Susi Messenger must be paying off some pretty heavy Karma because she VOLUNTEERED to be Costumier again.

It was really good. Everyone who saw it said so. ‘Ken’ has apparently become a bit of a heroic legend to some of the male staff of AHS, who have been heard to admire his gumption in standing up to Barbie. Mhyles is still known as ‘Bad Barbie’ to many of the Middle School. Nikia got to have the tantrum she always wanted, and Tomiya was more Eeyore than Eeyore. Ivan STILL marched awkwardly but hey, it went with the character. J-May’s entrance as Baby will never leave me, as will Mikayla struggling to appear and disappear off that bed.

Best player however, I think is a toss-up between Zoe playing a thick cockney bouncer and Jack in the role of Ken.

Mr David Tyler