If The Walls Could Speak


If The Walls Could Speak

Running With Scissors is an after-hours theatre company for, by and about young people. It meets twice a week and entry is by audition.

In 2015, RWS performed two distinct plays exploring the struggles of either side of adolescence.

The first in Term 2, Finding Comfort Where You Can (In this, The Ruins of Civilization) was about the difficulties of childhood in an uncaring world.

Performed in the last weeks of Term 4, If The Walls Could Speak, was a collaborative effort between Prisca Amorosi, a 2015 graduate and “ex” Scissorite, and myself.

“Walls” was an examination of what causes an adult’s lack of care. “Walls” was interested in taking a look at more “grown up” themes, like the institution of marriage, motherhood, male entitlement and whether life imitates art. This was likely born out of both Prisca and me looking towards our respective futures, given the end of our high school careers.

People asked both Prisca and I how this story came about. Simply, after the creative success of Finding Comfort (or The Ruins, whichever you prefer), Prisca approached me wanting to write a play. After many weeks of composing, writing, editing and lots of coffee, the rehearsal process began, mentored by the company director, Mr David Tyler.

Looking back, to work with suck a talented group of peers, and in the aftermath of such a big project like The Ruins, to then go into a much more intimate space such as the Drama Suite was a wonderful experience and has inspired me to consider directing as a future career. Prisca is busy herself with at least one play (that I know about) in current creation.

As one generation of Scissorites graduates, another talented group takes its place. In 2016 the company developed “…The One With The Toys”, detailing the dilemma of choosing to grow up and putting away childish things. That said, Prisca and myself will not stray far from the company.

Our unofficial motto is Non Forfex, Sed Vitae after all. (Not only for school, but for Life)

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