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Rebecca Crosby

Rebecca Crosby was appointed the role of Stage Manager half way through 2015. After assistant stage managing Ruins in Term 1, she was thrown into the depths of theatre after only admiring from afar. Since then, she managed the rehearsal stage of Walls and continued her duties in the completion of Toys. She is fast approaching the end of her time here as she begins Year 12 in 2017 where she will be part of the fringe show, and continuing her management roles through to the end of the year. After school, Rebecca wishes to move to Melbourne to pursue a career in entertainment management, preferably in the live music scene but her future, alike showbiz is unpredictable and full of possibilities.


Mikayla Rudd

Mikayla joined Running With Scissors in 2014 as a Year 9 after watching The Dream Thief. She has been in Ruins and Toys. She doesn’t know what she wants to do when she’s older, however.

Mhyles Hintural

Mhyles Hintural is in Year 12 and she joined Running with Scissors after seeing the 2014 production, “The Dream Thief”. She is enthusiastic, bubbly, and determined to put 100% into anything she does. In her little spare time, she enjoys singing, playing the piano and guitar, and anything related to music. She also loves to read and spend time with her friends and family. As of today, she has been in three plays, these being “Finding Comfort in this, The Ruins of Civilisation,” “If the Walls Could Speak,” and more recently, “The One with the Toys.” In the future, she hopes to become a doctor or surgeon and work at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Nikia Bailey

Nikia Bailey has been in the company since the beginning of 2015. Her first production was Ruins, and she has acted in them all since then. In the future, she hopes to attend a school for acting and work more in this field, she also intends to improve her acting abilities through Running With Scissors, and possibly secure a job in acting.

Jessika-May Robinson

Since her arrival, Jessika has been part of Toys and she is also going to be part of I Love You To Bits And Pieces. She also plays flute and she currently attends a photography VET course. She hopes to continue acting or photography because they are the two things that she enjoys the most. Jessika is a friendly, funny and lively person.


Jack Beales

Jack joined Running With Scissors in year 8 after being fascinated with The Dream Thief. He later went on to perform in Finding Comfort Where You Can In This, The Ruin Of Civilisation, If The Walls Could Speak and The One With The Toys.

Maya Carey

Maya managed to get past initiation and was welcomed into the RWS cult in mid-2015. Mr Tyler liked her villainous rage and so she would naturally be casted the evil (and most interesting) characters. Although she unconvincingly denies it, the Running With Scissors family means everything to her.

Fei Stokes

Fei Stokes has been a contributor to the company since 2015, with the performance Finding Comfort Where You Can In This, The Ruins of Civilisation. Despite her addiction to reading, she makes time for Running With Scissors rehearsals, because they’re all stories in the end, after all.

Lauren Ivancic

Lauren auditioned and entered RWS when she was year 9 in 2016. Since she joined, she has been part of Toys. She joined RWS because she loves to act and express herself. When she’s older, she’d like to continue acting and possible get a role in a movie or TV show, other than this though she’d like to pursue a career in medicine.

Emily Bollen

Emily Bollen has been a part of Running With Scissors since mid-2016, after auditioning twice before. Her first appearance as a part of the company will be in “I Love You to Bits and Pieces” in 2017. Emily is very excited to hone her skills in not only theatre throughout her time as part of the ensemble, but also as an amateur in publicity, along with Miriam Sims. In her future, Emily really hopes to continue with theatre, in any area or aspect of it that may welcome her.

Amelie Owen

Amelie joined Running With Scissors in year 8 after being completely mesmerised by “The One With The Toys”. She then went on to be a part of “I Love You To Bits [And To Pieces]”. She loves to act and to be involved in experiences like these. She has built so many new friendships and made so many great memories through the company and is excited for many more to come. She believes that Running With Scissors is one big family, although some would say it’s a cult…

Salomeia Dubinina

Sal joined Scissors as soon as she was enrolled at AHS in 2016. She is way too emotional and can’t control her temper, she still tries her best. Acting is her favourite thing to do, she hopes to become a professional actor one day. Also, she is weird, so just be careful.

Declan Lamon

Declan Lamon is currently a year 10. His first and only performance so far was ‘I Love you To Bits [And To Pieces]’. At the moment he doesn’t know what he wants to do when he leaves school, but might consider acting as a path.

Daphne Dale

Daphne joined Running with scissors after seeing ‘The One With The Toys’ in year eight. She has performed in the fringe performance ‘I love you to bits (and to pieces)’. She hopes to follow a career in acting and is excited for what the future holds.


Arie Barrett

Arie is a part of the Running with Scissors tech crew and focuses on the audial side of things. He discovered the tech crew whilst watching “The Dream Thief” on the hall balcony and subsequently became transfixed by the memorising spectacle of the small group on the balcony. He started off as a n00b working on “The Ruins” with the other n00bs and went on to run the lighting, sound and video for assemblies and for “The One With The Toys”. You won’t find him far from his trusty pair of headphones or his bag that’s filled to the brim with random gadgets and gizmos.

Angus Coyle

Angus is currently in Year 10 at Adelaide High and he occasionally presses buttons for the Running With Scissors Company. He is obviously quite intelligent and capable in order to deal with such a mentally and physically demanding portfolio. He is academic and hence knowledgeable on a wide range of topics and issues. Personality wise, Angus is found to be quite annoying and sarcastic. However, he is also hard-working and selfless. Due to his upbringing he I am quite disciplined, punctual and respectful. He is also heavily involved in a variety of sports, which he enjoys and is fairly successful at. Essentially, Angus is great!



The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

Catherine Aldous – David Tyler – Matt Ralph