Ladies and Gentleman, the TRAILER!

The Ruins Trailer

Herewith the link to the trailer publicising the play

The play starts with a Prologue that explains how the world got to be the way it is when the action of the play begins.
I asked for interested parties to form a group to create said Prologue for the play as a video/digital media piece. To describe how that group came together is a tale all on its own, but the team became [in alphabetical order]

Alex Kirsch – Director – Production Manager
Sophie Ladd – Art and
Joe McKenna Editor PostFX and image gatherer.
Not far into development, they asked if they “might be allowed” [!] to create a shorter version as a “trailer”. So what you see here is less than half what you WILL see as the Prologue when you come to see the play.

I think the results of this collaboration are astonishing. Joe has also put together two thirty second teasers one of which is up on vimeo too, which you will see if you follow the trailer link.

Prisca Amorosi who plays Rose did the voice over recorded by Holly Robin who also mixed the sound track.

Danny Cunningham [ex-student] composed the music. As he did for The Dream Thief last year.

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