What is RWS?

In 2010, a new initiative in the Creative Arts was born: Running with Scissors – the Out-of-Hours Theatre Company of Adelaide High School.
This company was formed to provide students with the opportunity to develop their skills as theatre workers.
Students fill roles in Performance, Administration, Stage Management and Technical Production.
In its inaugural year, the company was formed by auditioning students from Years 9 to 11
Auditions are held every year early in Term 2 for any student from Year 8 to 11 who wishes to gain admission to the company.
The company has so far produced three new works.
In 2010, the company performed rorriMMirror and Miss Pettigrew’s Little Book on Etiquette for the Young Existentialist.

In 2011, the second installment of the saga Henrietta St, first performed in 2008, continued in Tinker’s Curse.
The company went in to recession for all of 2012 and resumed in July of 2013.
In 2015, the company performed Finding Comfort Where You Can in this the Ruin of Civilisation and then later performed If The Walls Could Speak. Our most recent production was called The One With The Toys, which was performed in 2016.

Running with Scissors
is an out of hours Theatre Company run and supported by the Arts Learning Area at Adelaide High School.

Running with Scissors has two primary functions:
• To teach skills related to the craft of acting
• To develop new works of drama.

Running with Scissors is:
• Primarily an actors’ company, but with positions for production support staff in Administration, Stage Management and Technical Production.
• It is devoted to teaching the skills in voice, movement and acting craft in a way and at a level which is not possible in the course of general classroom teaching.
• For those students who have a commitment to the Performing Arts that goes beyond simple interest, and who have already demonstrated that fact both in, and outside the classroom.
• An ensemble, so group skills are as important as talent.

Running with Scissors is open to students from Year 8 to Year 11. We train twice a week from 3.30 – 5.30 pm, Tuesday and Thursday.

In keeping with the school’s motto, Non scholae sed vitae, we are proud to acknowledge the students of the company who have gone on to take up further study at both ACArts [Technical Production, Stage Management, Design and Acting courses] and Flinders University Drama Centre.