The Ruined Characters

Finding Comfort Where You Can,
In this, the Ruin of Civilisation

The Characters


BOY is another artefact. In fact Boy is the last project of the most senior and gifted gene-geneer of Hitomi Global. The Master Maker. He was the man almost single handedly responsible for the development and success of the Artefact Program begun back in 2019.

This man brought all his skills and talents and creativity together in the person of BOY. He is the apex of the art form that is ARTEFACTAE.
If he were a car, he’d be a Bugatti Veyron. Boy has until just before the action in this play, lived with his maker,
“Dada”, in a KLEPT apartment, which he has never, since being activated, left. He is as a consequence the classic ‘innocent abroad’ He knows nothing about anything except what he has learned from ‘Dad’ and the books and vids he’s been allowed access to.
In Bear’s estimation he “knows something about everything and nothing at all about anything that matters.”

BOY’s maker – “Dada” – disappeared an indeterminate time ago. There was an incident. People came to the apartment, BOY doesn’t know who. He had hidden in the “Priests Hole” as he always did when people came calling. ‘Dad’ never came to let him out, he got hungry and scared and when he finally got the courage to exit on his own, the apartment was empty, food stopped coming, and the apartment shut down awaiting new occupants.

BOY sort of drifted out and drifted down having no idea what to do or where to go, just a vague sort of unease that maybe ‘Dad’ should have told him a few things about the world that he patently hasn’t.

BOY is in fact a walking NANITE factory. He is shedding them all the time. His body can [and does] produce purpose built nanites according to need. BOY however, has no real conscious control over this. It is his body’s involuntary response to his desire to help. If there is a circumstance that arises, a perceived need, his body starts producing nanites accordingly.

We find this out gradually. The first example is, PEST has “the Cough” some viral infection that is invariably fatal. She gets better.

Then ROSE is beaten to the point of death and in response to the emergency, BOY breathes a great cloud of NANITES into her and she is “repaired” to the fear and astonishment of the Den-izens.

Later he is able to infiltrate the ArC along with Snow and Kirk who he has “given access” to via a nanite infestation.

At the end, BOY realizes that he was probably made as an act of subversion. He is the “Ghost in the Machine”, the “Black Chrysanthemum” of rumor. He is The Maker’s agent for revenge. The NANITE technology is the ArCS real source of power and control. With him out BENEATH shedding beneficial nanites as he goes, the balance of power will over a long period of time be redressed. Not a coup, which would be enormously destructive, but a paradigm shift, a velvet revolution.

He wants Bear along with him, but she is able to make him understand her choice, according to her, the only one she has ever had.

Her last gift to him is a name.

It might be PAX.


Is an Artefact but a real enough dog all the same, based on a beagle. She was made to be a medical sniffer dog. [NB There are already such dogs. She is just many generations genetically superior.] She is, as she asserts, a cancer specialist, but all human illness is at the end of her nose…
There are no boundaries with beagles. There is no shame with beagles. There is nothing and nowhere that is off limits to a beagle. They are highly intelligent. They can’t wait to tell you that. Curiosity kills more beagles than cats. This dog is a total rat-bag.

Bears Den-izens


  • Bear is the made companion for a female klept child, Rachel, First Born of the First Family and destined to rule the Corporation on her majority.
    • As Companion Guardian to such an important charge Bear is a very special Artefact. She is “fully optioned.” Much more durable than the merely ‘born’. Self-repairing. Immune to disease. She cannot die by any normal means. It would take the nuclear fire of the ArCs fusion furnaces or the Garrisons Thermic Lances to do it.
  • She was ‘wasted’ when the parents decided [on the advice of ArCs psychologists] that it was time for her charge to ‘separate’ – to put away her childish toys and fancies”.
  • In a fit of squeamishness, the mother, Evelyn simply dumped her down a rubbish chute rather than ‘wasting’ her in a furnace as she properly should have. It would have been more kind.
  • For many years she was the plaything for a series of disgusting LOWER perverts until she broke, killed her current possessor and fled into the ruins.
  • Since then she has been looking after LITTLES and MIDDLES who need her. She is supremely fitted to the task, by desire and design.
    • Physiologically, she is frozen as a 9 year old, a ‘middle-middle’ but chronologically she is now twenty-something..
    • Her deepest fear is that, being unable to distinguish between desire and DNA she has no ‘free will’ as the BORN do and she is still nothing but a Corporate puppet.
    • This is a good part of why at the end she HAS to die, or “NOT to be…” in the Hamlet sense. It is the only choice she can be certain is hers and hers alone.
    • At the back of everything is Bear’s rage. She has [as you would expect] a fair set of abandonment issues.
    • She wants retribution on the family and her charge for what was done to her. She can’t believe that her charge was entirely blameless. She is certain that if anyone wanted to, she could have been found and rescued.
    • She is DRIVEN by the need to see her charge again. To put her to the question. “Did you miss me?” but she dreads the answer.
    • In the meantime she nurtures the smalls as much as she can, building better humans, biding her time. She has LOTS of time. Far too much.


TRICK did “tricks” for food and clothes til Bear put a stop to it. She is totally amoral. There are NO limits to what she will do. She will do nothing but what benefits her.
Rose has cited the need to end her for the good of the den many times, but Bear persists. ALL life is valuable. YOUNG life is priceless.


SNOW+FLAKE are artefactae, clade mates, the only survivors from a 9 clade that outlived its usefulness to its owner and got wasted. He’d already broken two and the remnants were no longer of any value as a matched set. On the day they were terminated, Snow heard the ruckus and grabbed the nearest, Flake, and fled into the underneath. They were not followed, what would be the point? Either the Garrisons or a SWR[m] would finish the job. And its not like they can come back in, there are ACCESS DENIED. One step inside the ArC and they would be ‘swarmed’
Snow, as the FIRST of her clade survived with her mind intact. Flake has not. Both Snow and Bear have hopes for her rehabilitation. In the meantime her predilection for extreme violence is excellent protection for the Denizens.


PEST is the littlest little. Totally entitled little princess, except that she’s had this horrible life. But, because of Bear and Rose and all the others that spend all their efforts to protect her, she is utterly secure in her place at the centre of the universe. She is indeed “tempestuous.”


COMPASS ROSE is the eldest next to BEAR. She is BEAR’s trusted lieutenant. She is running out of time as a Den-izen and she worries that there is no one in the den to take her place. Pest might, a few years down the track, but Trick although the right age is completely inappropriate. She worries a LOT.


PUKE is the next youngest to PEST.
He’s big and strong but very immature. He thinks with Kirk gone he should be given more respect and more responsibility. In particular he would like NOT to be called Puke anymore. Everyone, including Pest, ignores him except to give instructions.

He runs away from ‘home’ a lot, but he always comes back before anyone has actually missed him.

The Garrison


The Military Commander of the Garrison nearest to the Home Beautiful.
A former Den-izen, one of Bear’s first. Although as a grown –up, she has some issues with Bear, particularly her attitude to BIGS in general and her Garrison in particular, fundamentally she knows they are on the same side and would not betray her. She also knows the value of Bear’s teaching and of her vast network of LITTLE informants.


WAS with Bear’s Den, but outgrew them and was driven away, mostly because of his feelings for Bear. Having petitioned to join the Garrison, Kirk has relinquished a name and is known now only as ‘NOVICE’. He has yet to take his final vows [of loyalty and commitment]

Minor Characters.

the SWR[m]: a “Coven Clade”, 5 clone sisters.

EVELYN: Rachel’s Mother

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