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And from the ashes, we rise…

A tacky title sure, but do I look bothered?

I wont deny I am still quietly fuming about the low attendance for The Ruins, but costumes have to be taken off, make up removed, sets deconstructed, and studies re-attended to.


Tonight, I’m talking to the cast of the new RWS play If The Walls Could Speak, written by fellow ex-Scissor, Prisca Amorosi. There are no set production DATES, but we will be performing in week 8 of term 4, in the more intimate AHS drama suite.

A smaller show, sure. But no less important. The synopsis I’m sending home stage is:

This play concerns itself with: 4 paintings, the house they reside in, and the couple who have recently bought said house. It looks at the changing institution of marriage, male entitlement and if art imitates life.

It is just another exciting Scissors project. Get pumped.

We all are.