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*excessive internal and external screaming*

so….we have arrived.

over last nights communal pizza dinner, we discussed the progression of ideas, characters, scenarios, this play has embodied over the some 10 months it has been conceptualized in. to say the least it has been an experience.

tonight is the preview – 7:30 in the hall if you wanna be there just fyi, grab a free ticket off a cast member if you’re interested *wink wonk*



Wherever you go… There you are…


July 10th…

Ten days….



If you haven’t seen it before this is the imagined global corporation that inhabits the ArC in the story.

Spot the two people, spot the DNA double Helix, but did you know that ‘hitomi’ is Japanese for ‘the pupil of the eye’?

Probably the last post until after, so… Come and see it.