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There are 8!

All very keen, but that’s because they haven’t experienced heck Sunday yet…

We welcome them and hope we don’t break them.




New Apprentice Stage Managers! – ASM’s

All right, they don’t look anything like this, but you know the rules, PICTURE, or NAME, but not both….

Quillen Economou, Bec Crosby and MacKenzie Cowley have joined the throng to be ASM’s in the anticipation that ONE of them at least will continue with the company as Lucie leaves us at the end of the year [sob].

I’m really not looking forward to the first Tuesday I go to Scissors and Lucie, Alys, Naomi and Prisca aren’t there…..

We have n00b techs too, but they are so new they haven’t become regulars yet…

Ladies and Gentleman, the TRAILER!

The Ruins Trailer

Herewith the link to the trailer publicising the play

The play starts with a Prologue that explains how the world got to be the way it is when the action of the play begins.
I asked for interested parties to form a group to create said Prologue for the play as a video/digital media piece. To describe how that group came together is a tale all on its own, but the team became [in alphabetical order]

Alex Kirsch – Director – Production Manager
Sophie Ladd – Art and
Joe McKenna Editor PostFX and image gatherer.
Not far into development, they asked if they “might be allowed” [!] to create a shorter version as a “trailer”. So what you see here is less than half what you WILL see as the Prologue when you come to see the play.

I think the results of this collaboration are astonishing. Joe has also put together two thirty second teasers one of which is up on vimeo too, which you will see if you follow the trailer link.

Prisca Amorosi who plays Rose did the voice over recorded by Holly Robin who also mixed the sound track.

Danny Cunningham [ex-student] composed the music. As he did for The Dream Thief last year.

6 weeks and counting

“ALL life is valuable. YOUNG life is priceless.
A society that won’t nurture its children,
which won’t invest in its future,
doesn’t have one….”

It’s been a year in the making but believe me, it’ll be worth the wait…

In the first week of next term, the school’s Theatre Company, Running with Scissors will present its latest work,

Finding Comfort Where You Can, in This, the Ruin of Civilisation…”

It must be said from the outset, this is NOT a play for students not in High School. The cast has assigned it a rating of PG13+ – Mature Themes.

The setting of the play IS the world of “Blade Runner”. That vision of the future was first described by Philip K Dick in the original novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” in 1968. THEN it was pure fantasy. By the time Ridley Scott got to it in 1982, it had become a distinctly possible future.
By the 90’s it had become a probability, and for us, working on this play today, the darkness of a future driven by climate change, gene-geneering, nanotechnology and 3D printing approaches being an inevitability.
It will take a global paradigm shift to avoid it and we hope that this play might stimulate thought, debate and ideally action in that direction.

Most of the characters in this play are very young children, who, having been abandoned must band together to survive in a world where those who OUGHT to be most trusted, adults, are in fact the predators they must most fear and avoid at all costs.
Many of the characters in this play have had and are having horrible existences and we don’t shy away from describing them.
It is a great comfort to me that some [not all] of the cast are still unworldly [sheltered] enough to be horrified by the lives that their characters are forced to endure.
It is no comfort at all to know that for children in many parts of the world today this play is not a future dystopian fantasy but their present life that they are struggling to survive.
Too many of them won’t.

The irony of this play is that the only characters with even a vestige of humanity are the ones who aren’t actually human at all….

Tuesday July 21st –Saturday 25th @ 7:30 pm in the [TRANSFORMED!] Adelaide High School Hall.

Tickets on sale SOON.

Watch out for the trailer on the website!

Go to for more stuff.