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The n00bs arrive and are amazed.

[well I hope so, but I doubt it]

I think I’m not allowed to say everyone’s whole name, but welcome to hell, Nikia, Bella, Maya, Fei [pronounced Fay] and Ivan.

The first read Tuesday 5th May went pretty much as I expected. I couldn’t listen properly, as usual, so I missed most of what is wrong with it and it wasn’t until Thursday’s work through [not a whole read] that things got sorted. There is a plan now, I’ve been writing and re-working some bits and so has Alys who has been re-invigorated by the reads [as I knew she would…] so by next Tuesday after a weekend of writing there will be a whole text to print and hand out.
Of course, as I ALWAYS say, it won’t be a final draft until after the last performance….

I’m pleased that they all still seem very excited by the play, and the n00bs SAY they get it. Fibbers.

The band is back together. All except Catherine who is due to give birth on the 19th May. We all miss her, but me most particularly.
Matt [digital media] and Danny [composer] were at the first read as was Leon and of COURSE Lucie. I REALLY don’t know what I will do next year…
Her apprentice HAS to be found soon….

Talked to Duane from SafeAccessSolutions our staff peeps for the last two shows and there on board and demonstrably keen. It’s not their usual staff gig you understand. Quite a bit more creative than usual and they are wanting to show off. Good on ’em.

It is regret that we farewell Duncan who has decided not to continue. He will be missed.

Since I started this, a week has passed, I am just home from a second read, which contained two completely new scenes, some rearrangement of order and some tweaking so that flow from scene to scene was more seamless. [We couldn’t do it Tuesday – Parent Teacher Interviews.]
It’s good enough to rehearse properly with now. Lucie has been busy doing her scheduling thing and next Tuesday we begin in earnest.

There is a team who are quite separate to the company who have taken up the challenge of the Prologue, a piece of video that begins the whole show. They are doing some whizz bang work already and I extend my gratitude to them. It really is astounding work.


T-11 weeks and counting

While I’m currently unsure how many of those auditioned got into the company to sit as n00bs for the foreseeable future, I do know that pretty much the entire cast is pumped for tonight’s session.

‘Why?’ you may ask? Because it’s the first read of course!!!!

Other than that, I have no idea how Thursday will go but that is a whole day away so cross that bridge when we come to it 😛

–  A