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Finding Comfort Where You Can in the Ruins of Civilisation

My goodness it’s been a while! 

No news is… No news.

We’ve been training, but the Year 11 Group Performance took priority for a good while. Now that’s other there is time to think about the next show.

In another post I’ll upload what might be called the “synopsis in progress”. Of course there are changes and developments overtime I/we return to it so don’t expect the final artefact to more than loosely resemble what you read now.

Is being a very useful writing partner. From now until Xmas there are opportunities during our days we can get together and brainstorm and write.

I should add that for a long time I haven’t been too enthusiastic about writing as it seems like talking to myself, so if you visit can you leave me a comment so I know I’m not bleating into the aether???