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So…… What’s next?

Very short post just to keep anyone who actually reads this up to date. If you DO read it, locally, and you aren’t some spammer from Japan, [there is a title there I think….] can you leave me a comment? It’s getting close to the point were I delete this whole site because of lack of interest.

It’s three weeks since Dream Thief finished. I slept for a week, then gardened for a week, now it’s the end of Week 1 Term 2. Time flies, etc…

Next week we audition. Then it’s back into the swing of training and planning and execution of the next project which is Film. Working title is “The Disappeared” Four short films about girls going missing in a variety of circumstances. That will occupy the next 6 months.

More about how the Dream Thief ended up later, if I can be bothered….