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Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find….

all the post title means is I had a comprehensive theological education at a formative age.

Today I visited the wonderful folks at St Andrews Hospital and they gave me everything my little heart could desire in order to recreate the hospital room where Oneira lies comatose. Proper hospital operable bed, attached IV stand, fluid bags and drip lines to match.
Fully working vitals monitor that we can set to demo mode, bedside cabinets, trolleys ventilator pumps, a “giving set” – all the tubes and ventilator masks to recreate an intubated patient, giant padded “Princess” recliner chair for an attending visitor to sleep in  la la la la!! ALL FOR NOTHING!!!
I don’t have all their correct full names on hand, but you can be sure that when I do their names will appear here.

We’ve hit the “Run of Play” phase in rehearsal, three weeks out from opening. Unheard of. Never happened with a school company before, and rarely even in the professional theatre.
They’re are producing excellent work. Every day someone is having a breakthrough of some kind and leaping ahead.

It is going to be so good.

Usually it isn’t until the dress rehearsal or preview that I start getting confident enough of the result to want to tell people they MUST COME, but I’m there already.

Come one, come all, prepare to be astonished.



Four weeks yesterday.

So it’s getting frantic.

Not despair, all will be well, but it’s a decision every minute or so. And every one of them needs to be the right one. This is not an unfamiliar position for a theatre director to be in at this point in the process of production, so I cannot even pretend that this is unique, but it is unique to this process really, especially in the extent and diversity of the type of problem that needs solving. And every decision needs to be the “right” one. No pressure at all….

To those who know this litany, I apologise, but I’ve come to understand [and quite recently] that MOST people have no idea of the true extent of the effort required to create a  “performing arts artifact”
That’s what they are.  ARTEFACTS  “an object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest.” Or both.

It’s instructive to think of the list of  ‘departments’  in the Theatre. The text, the ‘play’ [which took two years to write by the by – and it is STILL even now after 6 weeks of rehearsal a work in progress] is in essence only 10% of the product.
Direction – to ‘direct’ the action/ movement of the play and to ‘direct’ the actor in the development and execution of their character.But it doesn’t end there of course for said director.  All the other departments must of course operate according to a ‘vision’ clearly articulated [HA!!] by the director.  It doesn’t matter how good your team is, ultimately the decisions, yes/no, accept/reject, like/dislike/modify rest with the director and you HAVE to take the time to make them. Time. TIME!!
Think of the Costumes. Not ONE, 15. Think of all the decisions that OUGHT to be made about a garment in order for it to properly reflect a character, be USEABLE by the actor on stage, considering the range and type of movement required of them in their role. Texture, colour, cut, style, accessories. There is even more to it than that, but you get the drift. Multiply that by all the ‘effort areas’ , Lighting – design and execution –  placement, [angle and focus] fixture type, colour, intensity, rhythm, tempo. Scene setting, Cue placement.  In most cases there are in excess of 140 cues in the course of a Set – same, Props, Hair, Makeup, Sound Fx, Music, Digital Media, [Video]

OK. That’s enough about ME, let’s talk about YOU…..
What do YOU think of ME????

My favourite joke…..

The ladies of the sewing circle are legends. We’re making [have made?] a large tent/pavilion thing.  54 metres of sewing yesterday!!! And that is really only a – not small, but SIMPLE aspect of what they’re doing.
Josie [costumier] leads, but Dorothy, Noriko Susie and Thelma are all enormously competent, enthusiastic and selflessly energetic participants and we all love admire and appreciate them.
I’m a big fan, can you tell???

Tickets are on sale as of TODAY… Purchase from Student Services. $10 all tickets, two performances only, Monday 7th and Thursday 10th at 7pm. 400 tickets total.