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Six weeks and counting.

Its all getting a bit hectic. The good thing is that this team is starting to come together really well now. There was a moment last week when I was getting a bit anxious about whether all the different departments knew what they were doing. Would have been my fault if they didn’t, the buck always stops with me. 
Much more confident today. There were a number of things I hadn’t seen a solution to. I always lose faith in myself at this point. Solutions aren’t immediate and obvious and you always worry you’ve HAD your last idea….

Not so. Having the patience to wait for them to arrive is exceptionally difficult. Having the faith[blind irrational belief…] that they WILL, and in a timely manner is even more fraught. What I have to remember to do is talk. Who to is almost immaterial, but Monday I took the time to go and talk to the set designer, something I hadn’t done for a while. In the process of talking about an entirely separate design matter, the solution to two difficult staging and lighting issues became completely self evident. 
“Why didn’t I think of that before?”……..

I have to constantly remind myself that for a performing arts endeavour to have any real substance it OUGHT to be the product of many minds.. Unlike many other acts of creativity, a director has to have the will/confidence/something… to encourage other people to colour in the picture.. Share the pencils.
It would be so much more comfortable to yield to the inner control freak. 
I have to remember the front cover to “The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” 


A very good thing is that our sound genius Danny turns out to be quite the composer [who knew!?] and he is going to make all the sound and music for the show. Looking like becoming quite the soundtrack. I’m very fond of working to achieve that similarity with cinema. When it works in the theatre it REALLY works.

Matt, [digital media] is being the stable element he always is. A reassuring presence just backward of my left shoulder. 

The upshot is that FINALLY [as of Monday really] I can “see” all of the performance and if I think about it, this has happened quite a bit earlier than it usually does, so I only have to provide everyone with the circumstances, the context if you like, within which all this can be brought to fruition. “Realised” as the French would say. It’s always resonated with me that “direction” in French is expressed as “realisation”.

Well, I’ve just “realised” what this play should look, sound and move like….. Good on me.

The Devil is in the detail….

Let’s try this as a text colour…

So it’s the end of week four. I’m so grateful to my collaborators. I’ve been doing this at Adelaide High for quite a few years now, and a lot of “stuff” that was an effort to get to happen in the beginning now just happens as a matter of course. So many things I just don’t have to worry about anymore. It’s so great to have the space to focus on what my jo…

Just realised that I’m doing this post from a sense of obligation, not because I’ve got anything to say, so I’ll stop.

In Short….

6 Panel Tiered Stage (Left Tower Only) 029 6 Panel Tiered Stage (Left Tower Only) 028 6 Panel Tiered Stage (Left Tower Only) 001


Those of you who remember what the seating was for the musical will be well  chuffed to see this.
Of course there will be much more to it than this, BUT you get the idea. The chairs we have will go on such that there will be a good space in front for people to get by, and with six rises there will be room for 200.

What you don’t know is that all the daytime/schools shows [5] are FULL!! Gilles St. Nailsworth, East Adelaide and Cowandilla got in VERY early.

That leaves us with only two evening performances available at the moment. Once tickets DO go on sale, you’d best be real quick.

The draft we are using is pretty solid, so I don’t think there will be major changes from here on in.

Im wondering whether to put the text of the play up online for interested people to read before hand. If no-one leaves a comment asking for it, I won’t do it. In a similar vein, the early rehearsals are generating a lot of back story, a history for each of the characters, the circumstances of their lives previous to the action of this play. Those details are proving to be fascinating. They can’t be included in the play, otherwise it’d be 12 hours [or indeed 12 days!] long. The plan is to hold on to those until after the performance so interested parties can access the characters on a deeper level.
However, if there is sufficient interest prior, I might be convinced to do that sooner. Questions and comments please!!

That’s enough for now. I have a mountain of things to do.
Weekend rehearsals begin Sunday 2nd March. Goodness me.


A New Year, a New Post.

So it’s starting to get close to the pointy end. Rehearsals were supposed to start last Thursday, but there was far too much show and tell going on to get anywhere. Not that the time was wasted, not at all, very productive in the long term, but it made me a little anxious…

A lot of what we did revolved around costume. JOSIE WHITEHEAD, Izzy’s mother has been working on costumes since November [??] feels like it anyway. I know we had conversations way back then.
It isn’t usual for me to be this advanced with that aspect this early. I think for the first time ever there will be space for these “appearances” to develop in an organic unhurried, less “that’ll do” way.
The cast seem to be quite thrilled about to have some meaningful input to how their characters appear. There will be time to “find” the character in a literal as well as metaphorical or metaphysical sense. I only hope Josie can cope with how I know her garments are going to be transformed!!

We’ve found a much more effective solution to our seating issues. Same company, different product. It was a matter of “Is THAT what you wanted!! Well why didn’t you say so, we’ve got this….” I swear I DID say it, but there you go

6 Panel Tiered Stage (Left Tower Only) 028

Great, Isn’t it????

Gratifying is the number of seats sold already. We are full for three morning shows and two afternoon shows are starting to fill quite nicely.

I’ve had to do a bit more work on the text than I was anticipating, but that just serves me right for not looking at it at all over the Summer. It’s pretty much all good now, except for two additions that really need to happen.  Otherwise, it reads really well.
I’m off to measure the hall one last time, to finalise the seating.