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Onward, Upward.

One of my major concerns regarding the Dream Thief has been the issue of seating. We tried an experiment with the “Wizard of Oz” and anyone that went will remember that it was a failure. Well, not entirely, everyone could see really well, but the bleachers seating was ridiculously uncomfortable.

The great news is the company that we’re thinking of  buying demountable seating from has agreed to rent it to us so we can actually see if it works the way we anticipate. Fantastic news.
There will be room for 240 which is an ideal size.
It means that we can accommodate an entire year group at once and the Principal has agreed that it shall be a sanctioned school activity for ALL year 8 and 9 students to attend a performance.
From previous experience, this is the best way to create a culture of attendance in the student body and as a consequence, draw attention to what we’re doing in the wider school community and beyond.
Still having some issues with getting our targeted primary schools to attend, but that will be the focus of the next week or so before school finishes and in the first weeks when e come back in January.
As has always been the case, if I can get them to come to a show just once, then they keep coming back, year after year.

So now I know what the company will be doing right up until the end of 2015! Haven’t even begun to rehearse “The Dream Thief” and I’m working on the next three projects.
The winter project next year will be to make a film, a project that has four parts that was written some years ago, but didn’t have the time, technology, cast or expertise to do it as well as I’d have liked. FINALLY! It will be good to get it done….

After that will be a return to “Henrietta Street”  for a prequel to the eponymous first production and subsequently”Tinker’s Curse” . None of the characters will be the same, it’s the place, not the people that is significant. The young people that use it will be younger.  “Twelvies” Not quite old enough to be taken seriously, too old to be playing in sand pits… As has always been the case, Henrietta is their safe place, their secret, sacred place away from it all.

After THAT will be “Finding Comfort where you can in the Ruins of Civilisation.” Only a title and three characters so far, one of whom is a dog. OH! and the Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.