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This will give you a fair idea of my state of mind currently.

On the advice of Matt, the digital media expert [his is the face on the far left of the picture] I’ve shifted to WordPress from the original site at weebly.
Now I don’t know how to do ANYTHING!!!

Said expert leaves this weekend for an extended overseas trip. Not that I begrudge that at all, he certainly deserves to go and has never been to Europe before, but it means you will all have to put up with lame website construction until [a] he gets back or [b] I suddenly acquire a facility for HTML code.


Good news.
The first draft of “The Dream Thief” is finished and we had a read last night at training. The troops enjoyed it, always a good sign.
It’s a DRAFT tho’. Quite sure the final product will have significant if not fundamental changes. The structure is solid and the story line is sound. Some plot-holes evident, a result of my habit of writing scenes out of order. I had to change the order of scenes quite late which has caused an – inconsistency – for want of a better term. Most changes will be cuts, as it is [deliberately] overwritten. It’s definitely too long,  but a lot will go as we see how it plays in rehearsal

Troops are VERY gratified to have a text to take away with them for the long summer break.

Lucie is now looking at it from the perspective of what production problems confront her.

Josie will want to talk about costume, but at this point I don’t have any definitive answers. I’m NOT a designer….

We have a set planned and Electra [Art Teaching colleague] has presented a brilliant design concept and made a great model, but it’s construction won’t be the easiest thing to do.

New Beginnings

For those of you who are new to this website.

I am David Tyler, the Artistic Director of the company and it’s founder. I’m just a regular teacher at Adelaide High.

The Blog is to give you some idea of what goes on during day to day business of the company. To record our progress in the research, development, writing, MORE development, rehearsal and finally performance of the works we create together.
Although it’s me writing it and obviously from my personal POV, the work is a true collaboration, and I hope to truly represent that and all the individuals involved accurately. Be sure I’ll be told if I haven’t.

Time presses as usual, so this will be mercifully short. We are in development of “The Dream Thief” to be presented next April and I’m six scenes away from completion. That sounds more than it is, because many of them are short linking or transition scenes and I’m very clear about the content of those. Just have to find the time to type.
The company will be happy because it is certain that they will have the text and their roles before we go on summer holidays.

This play has been a long time coming, but it IS going to be something out of the box.